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EZ Fidgets

Boho Building Blocks by EZ fidgets

Boho Building Blocks by EZ fidgets

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Boho baby, its in. 

Our Boho Building Blocks add fun and beauty to any space.

This timeless classic has been scientifically proven to:

  • develop fine motor skills.
  • social skills,
  • abstract thinking,
  • creativity,
  • mathematical thinking, 
  • explore concepts of early math. ie.geometry, problem-solving, and cause and effect.
  • literacy and more 


Boho Building Blocks by EZ fidgets bring benefits for everyone. 





Material: Wood
Specification: 32 * 19.5 * 6.8
Paint material: water based environmental protection paint
Wood classification: beech
Wooden block type: building block
Building blocks: 50-100 pieces
3C configuration category: wooden toys under 14 years old
Color: mwz24 grain macarone block, mwz30 grain macarone block, mwz54 grain macarone block, mwz74 grain macarone block, mwz100 grain macarone box number letter building block, mwz100 grain barrel macarone number letter building block

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