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Comforting Twisty Rings

Comforting Twisty Rings

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Comforting Twisty Rings Overview:
You will enjoy the toy that can be bent into countless shapes.
Create letters, numbers, symbols, and even bracelets or necklaces.
The lightweight plastic structure is designed to withstand hours of strenuous exercise.
Establish eye-hand coordination, problem-solving ability, and expand the scope of thinking, while enhancing deductive ability.
Amazing toy for engineering or artistically minded kids. Manipulate comforting twisty rings links to create your own shapes and designs

Toy material: plastic
Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)
Item No.: Twisted rope
Applicable people: unlimited
Packing: bagged
Ability training: emotion, vision, intellectual development, crawling, manual brain, grasping, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability training, interactive toys, hearing, parent-child communication, interest training
Is there an animation image: No
Color: Twisted rope red, black and yellow 0.02kg, twisted rope red and white 0.02kg, twisted rope black and white 0.02kg, twisted rope yellow and black 0.02kg, twisted rope red and black 0.02kg
Strange new toy: decompression chain

Package Content :
1 X chain toy

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