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Montessori Pink Tower

Montessori Pink Tower

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Montessori Pink Tower Wooden Educational Sensory Toys

Montessori pink tower can enhance hand-eye coordination, to understand the size of an object through visual discrimination.

Develop your child's keen observation and concentration, and the ability to control muscle movements.

Montessori Sensory Materials Teaching Aids

Montessori pink tower can help the child to develop visual discrimination of size in three dimensions, and prepares the

child for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry and volume.

Montessori Pink Tower Wooden Building Blocks

Montessori pink tower is made of wood, it is strictly forbidden to soak in water. You can wipe it with a soft cloth.


Montessori Pink Tower Sensory Toys Building Blocks Activity Learning Early Development Educational Toys for Baby and Kids 

This series of single color cubes develops visual discrimination of size in 3 dimensions. Exploration with this material prepares the child for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry and volume.
The 10 pink wooden cubes differing in 3 dimensions. The cubes increase progressively in the algebraic series of the third power. Therefore, the second cube equals 8 of the first; the third cube equals 27 of the first etc… Being of one color allows the child to focus upon the purpose of this activity without distraction.

Visual discrimination of dimensions.
- Refinement of voluntary movement by placing the cubes one on top of the other with one single movement of the hand.
While doing this movement, the child is refining visual-motor coordination and is called upon to concentrate.



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Color:As Picture Show
Age Range:1-3 years old

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