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Interstellar Infinity Cube

Interstellar Infinity Cube

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Interstellar Infinity Cube Description:

A fidget break while studying or working will relieve the built up anxiety and stress, clearing your mind to tackle that project.

Each Interstellar Infinity Cube is precisely machined and assembled to form an overall size of 40mm cubed.

When laid flat, Infinity Cube is only 20mm thick, no thicker than your wallet,and easily pocket-able.

Fidgeting with Infinity Cube will improve your focus, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

It s the perfect office desk accessory, allowing you to fidget with one hand and work with the other.

Take a break and fold it over and over again while you brainstorm ideas.

Take a break from your stress inducing phone and relax with Infinity Cube.

Infinity cube has a solid feel and smooth surfaces so it feels great in your hands.


1. 100% brand new and high quality.

2. The interesting gameplay brought by the Interstellar Infinity Cube, irritability during study or work will reduce your anxiety and pressure, use it to relax, you will feel a lot more relaxed, it can improve your concentration and enable you to focus on what you are doing Task.

3. Each sub-cube is precisely processed and assembled to form the overall size of a 40mm cube. The body of the eight small cubes can be rotated from any direction and angle without any restriction. Don't think about it too much, follow the feeling of free rotation and will not be restricted.

4. After laying flat, the thickness of the cube is only 20mm, no more than your wallet, and it can be easily put into your pocket.

5. It is a perfect desk accessory, allowing you to use one hand to solve irritability while the other hand can continue to work.

6. Made of lightweight, cost-effective, lightweight and flexible materials, suitable for children and adults, can reduce stress and concentrate.


Product Name: Infinite Cube Decompression Artifact

Product material: ABS

Product specifications: starry sky, blue starry sky, purple starry sky

Product size: about 8 * 4 * 2cm

Product use: decompression and relaxation, puzzle

Applicable age: over three years old

Packing list: Infinite Cube*1

Package weight: 52g

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