( Charming Children's Book )

( Charming Children's Book )

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This book is coming soon to you.

Its afro hair appreciation.

It's a heartwarming children's story for present time featuring playful verse and rhyme. Giving a small glimpse into the life of having an afro. 

Afros come with a certain hair texture. An Afro is a hairstyle in which coily or tightly curled hair is allowed freedom to be how it naturally grows all around the head. 

This book will go over what this means, what the beautiful crown needs to succeed and how the lovely humans with no afro can assist in this time of need. 

 Written by Dale Seabrook and illustrated by Eva Seabrook, don't miss out on this one of a kind phenomenally uplifting, instant best seller.


Please note this product is discounted for pre order. After 11/25/2022 item will go back up to original price.

PDF will be available December 2022. Paperback estimated delivery February 2023.

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