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Starry Colorful Crystal Mud

Starry Colorful Crystal Mud

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Product Information:

Material: Clay
Specification: 60ml
Color clay category: plasticine
3C configuration category: toys over 14 years old
Color: color

1. Non-toxic, tasteless, non-greasy, non-sticky, crystal clear, crystal-like in shape, feel like jelly, environmentally friendly and healthy

2. Super light, soft, pure color, can be mixed and toned at will
3. Super stretchability, strong plasticity, easy to shape, full of elasticity, and can bounce.
4. Stimulate creativity, exercise practical skills, promote children's intellectual development and color discrimination.
5. The finished product is naturally air-dried, after air-drying, it has elasticity, soft texture, and delicate hand feeling, which can be stored as a handicraft for a long time.

Packing List:

Crystal mud*1

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