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EZ Dino DIY Slime

EZ Dino DIY Slime

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  • Easy to Make Slime (Just add Water and Shake) less mess then usual slimes
  • Make Kids Happy. What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs toys and slime? We have it all together to make your kids really happy and for them to express their creativity with our Slime Kit. Stretch the slime, squeeze it, poke, squish, swirl, let it drip!
  • What is inside? containers, glitter, slime packet
  • 3 or 12 dinosaurs, 
  • Slime powder is Safe for Skin, our slime doesn't content Borax.
  • EZ DIY Slime kit for Girls and Boys DIY Slime - Easy to Make Slime - Dinosaur Party Favors- 3 o 12 Dinosaurs Included - Unique Slime Supplies Add-ins


Plastic containers filled with colorful, slime putty and a dinosaur figurine. Sold by set of 3 and the dozen in display box.


201A (3 sets with dinosaurs)

201B (3 sets without dinosaurs)  


202A (12 sets with dinosaur ) 


202 (12 sets without dinosaur ) 




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