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Color Changing Clay Slime

Color Changing Clay Slime

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Cool color Changing Clay Slime. See color wheel mixing sciences!

5 slimes for one mind blowing experiment!

Included mini friends for even more fun.

Ability training: emotion, vision, intellectual development, manual brain, grasping, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability training,

interactive toys

*DISCLAIMER** Slime cannot be separated once mixed together for color changing science. 


Product description:

Material: PVA
Packing method: bottled
Product category: cotton mud
Number of colors of color mud: 5 colors
Color: 5pcs Bulletproof Boy, 5pcs Peking Opera Doll, 5pcs Teletubbies
Weight: a single weighs about 110g
Quantity: Bottled 19*5.8cm
Capacity: 30ml*5=150ml

Packing list:

Fujiao toys X5

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